I was having one of my classes yesterday when i suddenly felt something slimy touched my toes. As I bend down and check on it, I saw this cute little black creature crawling away from my toes. So I picked it up and said to myself, “oh you poor tiny slug, how did you end up here”. Well I didn’t really say that, but I imagined saying those words. Back to my story. So I picked it up then put it outside.

As I walked back to my cubicle, I felt something wet on my feet. I checked it out and saw my toes soaked with my blood.


I went back and get our tiny little creature. That’s when I realised that the cute little black creature wasn’t a slug, but rather an ugly, still little, no longer black but dark red LEECH. And that’s when i panicked.



It may look cute tiny and just like a blob in the picture but I’m telling you, that thing is deadly.

So here’s what i did:

  • i took all the medical supplies i could find (alcohol, agua oxinada, betadine, and lots of cotton and facial tissues)


  • i used all of them simultaneously
  • it took me almost an hour doing this

Here’s what i should’ve done according to google:

  • rinse with soap and water (will take probably 2 minutes max)

Sometimes panic and being overly dramatic can make you do unnecessary things. But on the bright side, panic and especially being overly dramatic can make your life interesting and will make you have something to write about.

i didn’t kill the leech if you were wondering. i threw it outside where the grasses are. i think with the amount of blood it was able to suck out of me, it can live for about 3 days without being hungry. i was actually even tempted to put it in a jar and keep it as a pet. but i realised, feeding him would be a great hassle. i have no intentions of donating my blood for him. i can involve my housemates with the feeding, but then again that’ll be too much work, sneaking on my housemates’ rooms, while i try to feed their blood, of course without them knowing. so decided to just let it go, threw it outside and hope that the mosquitoes won’t find him!